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Mission, Ministry & Outreach

Trinity Church Mission Booklet

At Trinity Church we believe mission and outreach is part of our everyday life as Christians. Mission and outreach is in the DNA of Christian ministry. When natural disaster strikes, hunger or thirst exists, homes and lives are destroyed, and where sin prevails, we believe we are called by God to act. As Christian's, we need to share the same love and hope we have encountered in Jesus Christ. We share and show this love and hope through living out our faith in action.


In our experience, we have witnessed people who come to Christ through many different means. Some people are "hit-over-the-head" born again. Some people come to Christ through experiencing simple acts of Christian kindness. And some people come to Christ through life altering experiences such as natural disaster, health issues, change in life circumstances and predicaments. At Trinity, our mission and outreach is always rooted in Christ and the name of Jesus offered.


We offer yearly mission trip opportunities. We support missionaries and mission projects around the world. We have opportunities for individuals to get involved with food giveaways, humanitarian needs, veteran hospitality, and so much more throughout the year. We pray for your support, your prayers, and your involvement as we reach people for Christ for the salvation of the world.


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