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Adult Ministry 

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Thank you for your interest in Trinity Church Grand Island and welcome home. Our worship services are Sundays at 8AM and 10AM. We love it when newcomers come and check us out. You will find a warm, friendly, and relaxed congregation. There is no dress code.

Our 8am worship 

 Worship is held in our church family room where you will find people gathered around round tables for worship. You will find this to be more of a traditional worship service with a relaxed feel to it. The music is traditional, hymns that will sound familiar. Scripture is read and the message you will find to be biblically based and preached in a way that is relevant to today’s world. Communion is served each week at this service. This service runs for about forty minutes. Be yourself. Come as you are.


Our 10am worship

 Worship is held in the church sanctuary. During this worship service, you will experience a variety of worship music. We have a praise band, traditional hymns, and a church choir. Scripture is read and the message is biblically based that is relevant to today’s world. The message is the same as the 8AM service, however, more in depth and presented quite differently. Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month in this worship service. We would suggest if you are considering visiting our church, to try this worship service out so you can experience our full worship service. This service is about an hour. Be yourself. Come as you are.


Believe. Belong. Build.

Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior

Belong to the Lord Jesus with your whole heart and soul

Build on your relationship with Jesus through worship, prayer & service

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